KGM Holzerzeugnisse GmbH


KGM Holzerzeugnisse GmbH was founded in 1973 by Karl G. Miller, whose initials are representing the company’s name. KGM originally started as a trading company, and has developed today into one of the leading manufacturers of solid and wrapped wooden profiles in Germany, with 250 employees at 3 sites in Bavaria and Thüringen.

For profiles and skirting boards, KGM’s customer base are primarily wood and floor retailers, as well as furniture companies all over Europe.

As a leading supplier to the European door industry, KGM is also offering a complete range of raw and finished products, for example veneer or foil wrapped jamb casings, frames, claddings (architraves) and door profiles.

This website is primarily dedicated to our company's retail business, please contact us directly for inquiries with regards to door profiles or other industry products.